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How do you support yourself?

How do you support yourself? How do you create more ease in your body?

We have reflexive responses in our body, like our shoulders coming up to our ears and tightness in the back of our neck. …

We’ve had enough of hiding.

It was National Coming Out Day this week and every year I post something on my personal Facebook page.

It is important that when we think of LGBTQ2S+ that real people come to mind. …

I am on my own side.

I am consistently kind and compassionate with myself. I don’t turn on myself when something “goes wrong”. I intimately know myself and I am on my own side.

That is not true for most people. It has not always been true for me. How does someone get from the usual…

How old were you when you began to feel like an adult?

I was about fifty, and I find that sense of being a grown up is still deepening. I feel more ease. I belong in my life and it belongs to me. I get to stop working so hard at life and start enjoying it more. I made some bold moves…

A deep abiding peace inside.

What niggles at us, and what we worry about, points to what needs our unconditional kind attention.

I can’t take it anymore. I’ve had enough.

I hate that people act the way they do.

I just want to be happy and live my life.

I’ve run out of compassion and…

Dr. Gabor Maté

“We’re looking at a lot of traumatized people who are finding a political outlet for their mistrust and anger. The issue acts as a flashpoint.” Dr Gabor Maté

This week in our Sunday class, we are inquiring into the pressure to go “back to normal” at schools and work. When…

This is the “new normal”?

It does not feel like a post-Covid world to me yet! We’re bracing ourselves for a return to work and school during a 4th wave with the Delta variant. Some people mask and vaccinate. Some don’t. People are dying. Our nervous systems are alarmed.

It is tough being a person…

We all have trouble accepting reality.

Life, as it is, appears in front of us moment to moment. We all have trouble accepting reality. We enjoy parts of life and hate other parts. We grieve and are afraid and angry. We overflow with joy and wonder. The experiences of life are rich and nuanced. …

This too shall pass.

As we move into schools opening during a fourth wave of Covid, the IPCC report to the UN on the climate emergency, Haiti and Afghanistan, many people are feeling overwhelmed and despairing.

In our Sunday community classes in September, we’ll explore from a trauma and nervous system lens how to…

Am I going to practice peace or am I going to war?

“I doThe Work that Reconnects so that when things fall apart, we won’t turn on each other. ” Joanna Macy

“The central question is not how we avoid uncertainty and fear but how we relate to discomfort. Every day we could ask ourselves: Am I going to add to the…

Lynn Fraser Stillpoint

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