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Everyday join me on Zoom #645904638 passcode 397228 in-person to practice Mindfulness Rest and Inquiry Meditation 8:00am Eastern. Free.

It takes courage to protect our tender hearts and remain kind and open.

I’m not going to marry Paul McCartney.

You were and are affected by your parents’ unhealed trauma, neglect, and abuse.

What was your relationship to perfection when you were a child?

In our healing work, we have AHA moments of deep insight.

We express and suppress parts of ourselves based on who we’re with.

Somatic mindfulness practices allow us to track the actual mechanisms of disconnection.

Women are rewarded for being nice. It means always putting the needs of others ahead of us (then we are shamed for being weak and codependent).

Our strength and resilience is challenged.

Change the culture.

Lynn Fraser Stillpoint

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