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Many of us feel depleted and emotionally under nourished.

Hurry up! You can rest when you’re dead. Don’t be a lazybones! Times up. Make hay when the sun shines. Time is money. What have you been up to lately? What’s new? We live in a culture obsessed with time and being productive.

When we feel stressed and exhausted, it…

“Safety is an absence of threat plus a feeling of connection.”

Dr. Stephen Porges

Our nervous system prioritizes our physical safety over connection and routinely hijacks us. We want to feel close to someone yet we are afraid to trust. Our perception of safety and threat is unconscious. Our primitive brain is constantly on the look out for danger and bases its predictions on…

We are being asked to step up in a big way.

Humans have a higher level cognitive mind and an immense capacity and need for empathy and connection. We also have the primitive brain survival system that developed during hunter/gatherer days when we lived in small groups and competed with other groups for scarce resources.

We want to feel included and…

The reality of life is hard and the reality of life is joy.

Thirty years ago today my dad died suddenly after hernia surgery. He was 67, a year younger than I am now. I was 38 and working at AIDS Calgary. My son was in first year music at university. What Dad has missed in this thirty years! I didn’t know him…

I am whole and unbroken.

At our core, we are all basically whole. We often lose awareness of that with the clamoring of our primitive brain, and the pace and stress of our lives. Many of our alarming thoughts are generated by our nervous system perceiving danger and trying to protect us. …

Safety comes first.

What are the conditions to feel like we belong to ourselves, with each other, and in broader community? Safety comes first. We cannot be in a state of trust and connect when we are activated in fight/ flight/ freeze.

Our brain gathers data through our senses, associates it with past…

It never occurred to me to think about my childhood as traumatic.

After working with me regularly for several months, many people tell me “I used to think you were overdoing it the way you keep bringing everything back to trauma. Now I get it.”

Looking through this lens helps us to let go of judgment and allows space for compassion. We…

Can I trust you with my body?

Can I trust you with my body? Will you hurt me? Will I be safe?

Can I trust you with my heart? Are you mean at times, or are you reliably kind?

Can I trust you to not betray my confidences? To not gossip about me?

Will you have my…

How do you support yourself?

How do you support yourself? How do you create more ease in your body?

We have reflexive responses in our body, like our shoulders coming up to our ears and tightness in the back of our neck. …

We’ve had enough of hiding.

It was National Coming Out Day this week and every year I post something on my personal Facebook page.

It is important that when we think of LGBTQ2S+ that real people come to mind. …

Lynn Fraser Stillpoint

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