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Dr. Gabor Maté

“We’re looking at a lot of traumatized people who are finding a political outlet for their mistrust and anger. The issue acts as a flashpoint.” Dr Gabor Maté

This week in our Sunday class, we are inquiring into the pressure to go “back to normal” at schools and work. When we are looking into the polarization between people who are against vaccinations for Covid and people who are in favor of vaccines, I am not looking to shame anyone. I understand that some people, including in our online community, are vaccine hesitant, or they are choosing to not be vaccinated…

This is the “new normal”?

It does not feel like a post-Covid world to me yet! We’re bracing ourselves for a return to work and school during a 4th wave with the Delta variant. Some people mask and vaccinate. Some don’t. People are dying. Our nervous systems are alarmed.

It is tough being a person with an activated fight response. It is also tough being around people who are in fight mode. We know from neuroscience that we don’t have great access to our higher level cognitive brain when we are in fight/flight/freeze. That explains a lot of the behavior we see in our world…

We all have trouble accepting reality.

Life, as it is, appears in front of us moment to moment. We all have trouble accepting reality. We enjoy parts of life and hate other parts. We grieve and are afraid and angry. We overflow with joy and wonder. The experiences of life are rich and nuanced. We can influence some things and most things are out of our control.

Like a two year old, at times we mightily resist reality by throwing an internal tantrum. Like a more mature adult, we cultivate the capacity to stay present with reality as it is. Some things we are able to…

This too shall pass.

As we move into schools opening during a fourth wave of Covid, the IPCC report to the UN on the climate emergency, Haiti and Afghanistan, many people are feeling overwhelmed and despairing.

In our Sunday community classes in September, we’ll explore from a trauma and nervous system lens how to actually implement the wisdom in the many cliché’s about hard times. Into every life some rain must fall. Hang in there, it will get better. This too shall pass.

“The peace we are looking for is not one that crumbles as soon as there is difficulty or chaos.” Pema Chodron

Am I going to practice peace or am I going to war?

“I doThe Work that Reconnects so that when things fall apart, we won’t turn on each other. ” Joanna Macy

“The central question is not how we avoid uncertainty and fear but how we relate to discomfort. Every day we could ask ourselves: Am I going to add to the aggression in the world? Am I going to practice peace or am I going to war?” Pema Chodron

“The only answer to all tragic events in human history and future is that all violence (economic, religious, political) must be stopped individually, starting from individual minds. From this moment forward, examine…

I am not looking for someone to save me from the consequences of my past. Um…

That’s not completely true for me. Do we ever completely give up hope? I live in a 68 year old body and feel the effects of both trauma and healing. My cement shoulders have softened. My compulsive mind is largely quiet. I feel connected with myself and my body. And my body and nervous system reflect the experiences of my life.

Denial is part of our survival response and it causes a lot of suffering. Seeing clearly is a sign of healing and deep insight includes understanding the complexity of our lives. …

The history of fear stored in our body shapes our present.

We carry the history of our fear and anxiety in our body through our nervous system. This is how our past shapes the present. The relative calm or hypervigilance in our nervous system determines our health and happiness, what’s going on in our mind, and our relationships. At least some of the time, we need to be out of fight/flight/freeze/fawn and into a relaxed state of trust and connection to enjoy our life.

We can learn powerful tools and emergency practices to self-regulate, including a soothing diaphragmatic breath, relaxing our body, 5 senses, shaking the tree, and working directly with…

Apply what we know about healing trauma to our response to the climate.

How To Live in a Burning World Without Losing Your Mind. In this article, Liza Featherstone suggests we apply what we know about healing trauma to our response to climate catastrophe. I agree.

We know that when people feel threatened, we go into fight/flight/freeze. The stress levels in the world right now are driving more people into overwhelm and avoidance. Between the global pandemic, social injustice, our personal lives and climate change, we have reached our limit and can’t take in any more bad news. We want to do the right thing, but our brain isn’t functioning well. …

“the strongest mind wins”

When people around you are in an uproar, there has been a flood or school shooting and you are feeling heartsick with grief, when people close to you are anxious, try to not add to the chaos. Steady yourself. Come back into your body, breathe, and let yourself become still.

“The greatest gift you can give the world is a peaceful mind.” ~ my meditation teacher Swami Veda Bharati

He would sometimes say that whoever has the strongest mind field “wins” so to speak. That is why when we meditated with him, our minds would be more still and we…

Something happens and we feel like we’re back to square one.

We know we are different now. We’re not as reactive. We have tools to self-regulate and we remember to use them. We recognize when we’re in survival responses of fight/ flight/ freeze/ fawn. We don’t go as deep into the trough and we “come back” sooner.

Our body is more relaxed as we move through our day. Our minds are not as compulsive. We don’t worry as much or we catch it sooner and are able to stop. Our inner critic doesn’t have the grip it used to. We no longer believe that we’re bad or unlovable. We are more…

Lynn Fraser Stillpoint

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